Share your vacant car seats with friends,
and make extra income.

About Tease N Drive

Tease N Drive Concept Limited, is registered under the Nigerian corporate law as a limited liability company to offer ride sharing services in Nigeria.

Tease n Drive is Nigeria's most reliable ride sharing website that helps people find intra-city and inter-city rides to their various destinations and also provide car owners a platform to share their rides with passengers who need rides to work, school or other cities.

We remain committed to helping people find comfortable and affordable more secure transportation to any place, town or city whenever they need it.

We are passionate about helping reduce greenhouse gas emission and traffic congestion on our roads, as well as preserve our road infrastructure. By sharing your car, less cars are on the road, hence, less traffic and less environmental impact on our roads and atmosphere.

Tease N Drive has put some verification levels in place for both car owners and passengers in order to build trust and enhance security between both parties (car owners and passengers). A rating system has also been provided on the platform; Car owners and passengers can also rate each other after each trip to boost credibility.

We also have a 24/7 Member Relations team to handle any technical issues that may arise as a result of using our platform. Do not hesitate to contact us.